9 Tips to Land the Best Paying Finance Jobs

Expert Job Search Advice You Must Not Ignore

There is a lot to focus on when you are searching for the best paying finance jobs. People will give you a lot of advice – most of which is baloney. You’ll be told to stay at a job you hate for at least a year. Or that your network is everything when job hunting. Or, perhaps, that jobhunting is a numbers game – the more applications you make, the higher your chance of success.

Our recruiters have put together this list of top tips to help you find high-paying jobs in finance. While your friends and family mean well, this expert advice will help you succeed in your search for a new job much faster.

1.    Work Smart, Not Hard, to Find a New Finance Job

Finding a new job is hard work, but there is no need to make it harder than it must be. Forget the advice to apply for as many vacancies as possible. It isn’t a numbers game, and you’ll waste a lot of time and effort making multiple applications.

Instead, be sure of the type of role you want and the type of employer you wish to work for. Then target your search for a new job to these criteria.

2.    Always Include a Cover Letter

A well-crafted cover letter demonstrates your commitment to landing the vacancy. It’s also a chance right off the bat to show that you have done your research, understand the role and how your skills and experience match it, and how much you want to work for the hiring company.

3.    Highlight Your Experience over Your Education

For the best paying and most senior roles, most hiring companies value experience and skills over formal education. Your professional qualifications will also carry more weight than your education.

On your resume, highlight your skills and detail your experience so that it aligns with the job description. And yes, this does mean tailoring your resume to each application and using keywords in the description within your resume.

4.    Detox Your Social Media

According to a CareerBuilder survey, around 70% of hiring managers will search for you on social media. Ensure that your social media works for you by deleting tweets, posts, and comments that you would rather not be seen. Also, spend some time ensuring that your profiles are professional, up to date, and mirror your resume.

5.    Don’t Rely on Online Job Searches

Online job searches are often fruitless. The hiring company has already started the recruitment process, and may already be in the last round of interviews. Many companies hire through social media. Even more hire for the highest paying finance jobs through specialized recruitment companies.

In short, use all routes available to you: specialist recruiters; your network; social media; and online jobs boards.

6.    Always Be Prepared for an Interview

The time to start preparing for an interview is yesterday. Prepare answers to potential interview questions using the STAR technique. As well as being better prepared for formal interviews, you’ll have a ready-pressed answer for when you are quizzed informally (and yes, this does happen).

7.    Always Follow Up

Make sure you send an email thanking the interviewer(s) for their time – but you should always ask the interviewer about next steps at the end of the interview. This will give an idea of when you should hear about the job and how you performed at the interview. Then, using this as a timetable, make sure you follow up more formally, and ask for feedback. Read our interview follow-up tips for more advice.

8.    Treat Your Job Search Like the Job It Is

Be serious in your search for a new job. Do something daily that will move you toward landing your next job. This might be updating your resume, sending an application, calling your recruiter, practicing prepared interview answer, etc. Don’t stand still in your search.

9.    Be Flexible

Don’t rule out a potential job just because it is not exactly what you do now. Finance is a big industry, and the skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise that you have built up during your career to date are likely to be highly transferrable.

Finally, Stay Positive

Remaining positive is essential to a successful job search. Positivity stops desperation creeping into your job applications. It helps you to be confident in interviews, and to counter any unconscious bias the interviewer may have.

If you are considering your next step in your finance career, get in touch with Coast today. We have clients who are actively seeking highly-talented employees who can help them achieve their potential in a competitive market.