Feeder – Folder

Coast Personnel

Job ID: 5426

Alsco is hiring associates with the ability to take and understand direction, comprehend and follow written packing instructions and perform other tasks as required. Associate will be responsible for assigned functions relevant to inspecting, counting, sorting, and grading product. Associate will be responsible for functions such as continuously grasping, sorting, and grading textiles and either feeding folds by hand or feeding into an ironer or folding machine for final finishing.  

Essential Functions: 

Associate will primarily be responsible for moving textiles from a cart/bin and then sorting, inspecting, assembling, packaging and grading materials according to quality standards. Feeding different types of textiles into ironers or folding machines. Placing finished product onto conveyors, carts or work tables. Moving loaded or empty carts/bins with the production area. Processing textiles according to typed or written packing instructions. Keeping work area clean, following instructions, and continuously meeting efficiency and safety standards. 

Additional Functions:

Working in various production positions as needed. Ability to recognize colors and sizes, count and sort accurately, inspect and grade product. Stooping, standing, walking, reaching overhead, pushing, pulling, grasping, and lifting up to 25 lbs.

Hours & Dress Code:  

Monday – Friday: 5:30 am – 3:00 pm & every other Saturday.

Please contact the Coast Personnel office at (984) 569-8205 if you are interested in applying.