Swiss/Turn-Mill Programmer

Coast Personnel

Job ID: 5829

The Swiss/Turn-Mill CNC Programmer will manage the CNC-program creation process for machine shop with expanding CNC Swiss late and Turn-mill lathes

.Key Responsibilities:

· Interprets drawings, create new solid models (where necessary) to generate CNC programs for Swiss lathes and/or multi-axis Turn-Mill (double-turret, double-spindle) machines using CAD/CAM system (preferably Part-Maker, FeatureCam, etc.)

· Include proper methodology, tooling, cutting speeds and feeds in order to generate quality parts in accordance to product specifications.

· Set-up to produce First Piece on the Swiss/Turn-Mill machines. Studies and interprets drawings, specifications or sample parts to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work pieces, sequence of operations, and set-up requirements to maximize efficiency.

· Creates set-up sheets (tool list, x-y-z home positions) and communicate with set-up machinists of the tooling requirements, fixtures, etc.

· Monitors and verifies the accuracy of each job’s initial set-up and final outcome.

· Revises, update, and maintain all programs and documents based on engineering changes or per process improvement projects dictate.

· Work with machine shop supervisor/manager on process improvements and cycle time reductions including testing of new cutting tools and new processes to balance main/sub cycle time.

· Communicates with set-up machinists and/or Machine Shop Supervisor/Manager regarding tooling/fixtures/material requirements for upcoming and/or existing jobs on the floor.

· Provides shop floor assistance with inspection methods, training on machines, machine alarms, and program issues.

· Communicates with the Quality Engineer to develop inspection methods, First Piece Inspections (FPI’s), and In-process inspection during production run.