Machine Operator – Extruder

Coast Personnel

Job ID: 3476

Operate all extruders within defined specifications and without assistance including:
– Startups: verifying ALL equipment (loaders, blowers, augers, alarms, etc.) are powered on and functioning properly
– StringUp: perform all steps safely and completely
– Job/Color changes: performed with minimal of scrap material
– Adjustments: performed as needed to ensure quality specifications are met
– Blends: utilize correct formulas and rates for each product type produced
– Samples: match and distinguish colors from sample; Cut, gauge, weight “samples” and complete necessary paperwork
– Quality of product: produce good tight rolls to product specifications (width, color, weight, etc.)
– Heating/cooling issues: monitor and recognize issues and report them to Supervisor immediately
– Feed and Mixing Systems: monitor for proper operation throughout production run
– Shutdowns: perform correct procedures
Monitor and “fire” the screen properly and at appropriate time including:
– Monitor screen pressure throughout the shift
– Inform Supervisor and change screen when pressure difference is greater than 800 psi
– Ensure clean screens and breaker plates are in changer at all times
Monitor Repel Line and keep operational throughout shift including:
– completing proper documentation of run/downtime
Silo Readings … understand, verify and document all silo readings to include:
– verify silo levels at start of shift
– verify material held in each silo
– correct silo pipe is connected for the product being produced
Record correct measurement, weight, date and shift on each roll produced and then move to extrusion roll staging area properly and safely.
Complete required paperwork accurately, neatly and per Plant Sanitation specifications:
– Roll Log Sheet: Roll # and roll weight
– Quality Condition Report : samples and recording of readings every 2 hours
– Production Report : total pounds produced, scrap pounds produced, run/downtime information
Maintain raw material hoppers/containers to ensure continuous production run during the shift from Extrusion Mezzanine and refill as needed.
Operate grinder and ensure grinding of all scrap material and product is completed by end of shift including:
– Segregate color and match correct grinder pipes to proper silos for all product/materials prior to grinding
Unload all railcars into proper silo and clean out for release.
Perform all housekeeping functions necessary to business operations (from daily shift requirements to Plant Sanitation audits).
Operate all PIT equipment per OSHA specifications, including daily inspections, changing of batteries/propane tanks, etc.)
Relieve Machine Operator personnel during breaks and meal periods.
Perform all “end of shift” job functions including:
– communicate all equipment and material issues arising from the operation of the shift with on-coming WHSE B personnel and/or Shift Supervisors at each shift change.
– Clean and organize work area
– Proper documentation has been completed and submitted to Shift Supervisor for entry into Oracle
– All scrap “material” is moved to the grinder for grinding
– Breakroom is neat and clean

Work overtime as business demands, including monthly training classes as mandated by OSHA and Plant Sanitations Certifications.
Comply with all company policies and procedures, including all safety regulations.
Perform any and all job assignments/functions as necessary to daily business demands as instructed by Management.