Electronics Assembly Jobs: A High-Demand Sector?

Signs Are Strong for a Rapid Rebound Electronics Assembly Jobs are hugely important to the economy of the United States. According to recent research from IPC, the sector supports more than 5.3 million jobs across the United States and drives around 4% of its GDP. Clearly, electronics assembly could be pivotal to the strength of […]

How to Land Manufacturing Jobs after COVID-19

Manufacturing jobs were decimated by the COVID-19 lockdown. Millions were laid off or furloughed. But it appears the bounce is now happening. The signs are that most manufacturing jobs will return faster than previously thought, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a huge increase in jobs in May and renewed confidence in the sector.  […]

Shipping and Receiving Jobs Resume Help 101: Executive Summary

The Second Step in Personalizing Your Resume In this series of articles discussing how to write a killer resume for shipping and receiving jobs, we first examined in what format you should compose a resume. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a cracking executive summary. What Is an Executive Summary on a Resume? […]

5 Tactics to Land Forklift Operator Jobs Fast – Guaranteed

Wave Goodbye to a Difficult Job Search It’s tough to get forklift operator jobs. It’s probably going to get tougher, as we move out of lockdown and more people chase fewer vacancies. With a forecast of 25% unemployment because of the effects of the lockdown, you’re going to need to work hard to stand out […]

Warehouse Jobs Near Me – How to Follow up after an Interview

Tips to Improve Your Job Search “I’ve been looking for new warehouse jobs near me, and getting interviews, but not landed anything yet.” If this is you, you know that with the current COVID-19 outbreak, securing a new warehouse job can be tough. With a forecast of 25% unemployment because of the effects of the […]

Repair Technician Interview Tips: Do You Work Well on Your Own?

How to Show You’re a Team Player Who Works Well Solo Landing a repair technician job is difficult at the best of times. With lockdown continuing and unemployment high, competition is only likely to increase. Unemployment is forecast to reach 25% because of COVID-19.  Repair Technician roles are also going to change due to the […]

Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency to Find Forklift Driver Jobs

Forklift driver jobs are likely to become harder to get with unemployment exploding because of the COVID-19 lockdown (it’s forecast to rise as high as 25%), . The competition for Forklift driver jobs is going to get tougher. It will become harder to earn an interview, and more difficult to stand out from a larger […]

7 Skills You Need for Warehouse Jobs

Develop the Top Skills for Warehouse Jobs to Get Hired Faster Knowing what skills employers are looking for when they are hiring for warehouse jobs is important in helping you land the roles you desire most. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, warehouse jobs are more vital than ever. New job opportunities are appearing every day. […]

How to Highlight Warehouse Jobs Skills on Your Resume

Tips to Enhance the Skills Section of Your Resume When applying for warehouse jobs, one of the key parts of your resume is the skills section. This tells potential employers that you are qualified to do the job advertised. This part of your resume may seem easy to write. You know what skills you have, […]

7 Key Skills to Step Up to Warehouse Manager Jobs

Onboard These Skills to Accelerate Your Career in Warehousing Warehouse jobs have been increasing steadily over the past decade according to the BLS. This should not come as a shock if you have been working in warehouses for any time. Consumer demand for goods is increasing, and now is the right time to look at […]