Warehouse Jobs: 5 Tips to Get Promoted

If you have been working in warehouse jobs for a while, it’s easy to assume that you will secure promotion. However, according to global studies by O. C. Tanner, 79% of people give ‘lack of appreciation’ as a key reason for leaving their job. A lack of promotion is a big contributor to this feeling. […]

How to Ace Warehouse Job Interviews

When interviewing for warehouse jobs, the spotlight is shining on you. From the moment you step into the interview room, you are being scrutinized. This can make even the smoothest interviewee nervous.  According to Data USA, the warehousing and storage industry group is growing at a rate of 22.5%. You can be certain the competition […]

Get The Best Secretary To Accept Your Job Offer

Get Your Secretary To Say “Yes” + 3 Pitfalls to Avoid After an exhaustive search, you’ve finally found the perfect candidate for your Secretary job, and want to make certain you hire them. You want to make them an offer they cannot refuse. Here are our top tips to make the offer that will be […]

Administration Jobs: 7 Signs It’s Time To Change

You Deserve to Be Satisfied at Work For people working in administration jobs, being happy at work is crucial. If your job is no longer satisfying you, you are likely to be less productive, have poor relationships with colleagues and your boss, and less likely to be promoted. Your earnings potential will suffer. Perhaps worst […]

Why Should Employers Use Staffing Companies?

Skilled recruiters add value to the onboarding process Why should an employer use a staffing company when online job boards are cheap or free? In a recent issue of Inc, Vanessa Merit Nornberg, CEO of custom jewelry maker Metal Mafia, described why recruiters are crucial to her business and online job boards weren’t good enough. A […]

When is it Time to Hire?

Prevent productivity bottlenecks by watching for warning signs So when do you know it’s time to hire? Here are a few warning signs: 1. When bottlenecks are holding up production. If you find that a certain area of your business is continually a bottleneck, then it’s time to evaluate your talent needs. In many cases, […]

Coast Personnel Opens Dallas Office!

Coast Personnel’s Plano office relocated to Dallas to better serve our clients and staff, As of Monday, September 30, 2013, our new address is: 4315 Alpha Road Dallas, TX 75244 (972) 943-3777 We look forward to meeting you at our new Texas office and helping employers fill vacancies and talent find the dream job you’re looking for.