Our Values

These three core values inform every staffing partnership we build. No exceptions!


Superior Performance

We have the core competencies to deliver outstanding, nationwide talent solutions.


Strategic Solutions

We start with your needs then work backward from there—not the other way around.


Long-Term Relationships

We’ve been around for decades—literally—and our team is here for the long haul.


Before Silicon Valley, There was Coast

Founded in 1987, Coast Personnel Services initially placed administrative personnel with light industrial manufacturing companies in the greater Santa Clara region—back before it became Silicon Valley.

Almost by fate, the technology revolution began right around the time Coast was founded. As Silicon Valley began to emerge, Coast has helped countless technology companies nationwide staff up and train qualified personnel in an industry that has exploded over the decades.

Pioneering On-Site Staffing Management

Early in our evolution, Coast pioneered on-site staffing management as one of our core offerings. This service involves a dedicated recruiter or team being physically present to run your staffing organization.

With an on-site recruiter, you get 100% dedicated personnel support. Because they’re on the ground with your team, they understand the nuances and unique challenges of your production line. This enables them to find candidates who don’t just look great on paper, but will actually be a good fit for your facility.


Where People Come and Grow

The average tenure of a Coast employee is 10+ years. One of our founding team members remains with the company to this day. Every one of our managers and leaders was promoted from within.

When you work with Coast, you work with people who stick it out and see things through. We bring that unique culture to every project and partnership.

Our History


Coast Personnel Services is founded in the Greater Santa Clara region, which would eventually become Silicon Valley. One of our founding team members remains with the company to this day.


Coast institutes its first on-site staffing initiative with a Fortune 500 automotive company, pioneering a model that would later become common within the industry.


Coast begins expansion in the Greater Bay Area, opening two new staffing offices.


Coast opens it’s first out-of-state office in Dallas, TX.


Coast joins the TPS family of companies, gaining further resources to support and grow operations nationwide, expanding service into 22 locations.

2014, 2017, 2020

Coast wins Vendor of the Year award from an industry-leading Fortune 500 automotive company.

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