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Independently setup and operate Mill Turn, Swiss, CNC Mill and CNC Lathes with minimal occasional assistance. Follow supervisor or lead verbal directions. Competent in completing set ups (including 4th axis operations). Able to adjust feed and speed to meet surface finish requirements, adjust tool offsets and/or CDC compensation in order to meet drawing requirements of +/-.0005. Able to inspect first piece article, read and understand programs. Competent in removing worn cutting tools, re-grinding to conform to drawing requirements, and replacing. For internal candidates, a minimum 12 months experience as a Level 5 Operator is required.

Key Responsibilities:

· Setup and operate multiple machines simultaneously;

· Checks parts to maintain quality production;

· Trains / Assists other team members on tasks as required;

· Performs regular manual tasks;

· Insures that output normally equals or exceed that expected;

· Keeps quality up to acceptable standards with little discrepant work;

· Performs tasks equal to or exceeding established standards;

· Working consistently, working overtime and traveling as required;

· Conducts himself/herself in a business-like and civil manner;

· Ability to react to change productively and perform other essential tasks assigned;

· May fill in for area lead as required

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