7 Key Skills to Step Up to Warehouse Manager Jobs

Onboard These Skills to Accelerate Your Career in Warehousing

Warehouse jobs have been increasing steadily over the past decade according to the BLS. This should not come as a shock if you have been working in warehouses for any time. Consumer demand for goods is increasing, and now is the right time to look at excelling your career. Logistics has become critical and if you are looking to land a promotion or move up the ranks to warehouse supervisor or warehouse manager job, you should consider acquiring these skills before applying for warehouse management jobs.

1. Understand Industry Software

The digital infrastructure of many warehouses is changing with technological advancement. Warehouse management systems (WMSs) are an integral part of running a warehouse, and understanding how they work is essential to operating as a successful warehouse manager.
Learn the system that your warehouse uses, and stay abreast of industry-leading software. This way, when applying for a warehouse job you will have an understanding of the WMS that is used in other warehouses, giving you the ability to demonstrate to a hiring manager that you will need less training than other candidates who are unfamiliar with the system they use.

2. Organization

Organization is a skill you need in any warehouse job. However, demonstrating that you have organizational skills above the basics is extremely beneficial for managerial roles. Knowing how to use the tools and managed staff at your disposal in the most organized fashion will improve the productivity of the warehouse you’re responsible for.

3. A Head for Safety

Warehousing is a highly regulated sector. People working in warehouse jobs are constantly operating or are near heavy machinery and are often working in fast-paced, high-pressure environments.
Warehouse environments call for managers who are aware of both the legal and internal health and safety guidelines. Get familiar with the legislation in your state and learn your company guidelines. For a bonus point, take some first aid training so that in the event of an accident, you can help.

4. Ability to Research and Invest in Systems

Warehouses are in constant competition. They are scrambling to fulfill orders quickly, with many eCommerce sites today offering exceptional services such as next day delivery. Being able to research and invest in systems that can help automate or improve efficiency will show a warehouse hiring manager you can add great value to their warehouse team. Being a warehouse manager is not only about keeping the warehouse running smoothly – you must also be able to think on your feet, be mindful of the future, and generate ideas that will benefit your employer.

5. Decision-Making

Critical thinking and assessing the impacts of the decisions you make, on both team members and operations, is a vital skill for a warehouse manager.
Warehouse managers can be responsible for overseeing budgets, technology, hiring, client relationships and more. Being able to take a step back and assess the impact your decision will have on the business and justifying it as a necessary business move is an exemplary skill that will help you stand out and land the warehouse job you are looking for.

6. Integrity

Warehouses are stocked with large amounts of inventory that can accumulate to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in value. Therefore, a warehouse manager needs to be someone the business can trust.
Theft or loss of inventory are common in warehouses, so when businesses look to hire warehouse managers, they are looking for candidates with integrity, trust, and good ethics.

7. Leadership

Warehouse managers take on a lot of responsibility. They manage the team and the facilities, and must command respect, inspire their workers, and make sensible decisions.
Leading and motivating employees will ensure that the warehouse runs smoothly, meeting deadlines and fulfilling orders. To have good leadership skills, you should treat your colleagues with respect, listen to your team, accept accountability for issues and remain fair and impartial.

Could You Step Up to Management in Warehouse Jobs?

These seven skills are key for those who wish to step up into warehouse management roles. If you are currently seeking your next move in the industry, and can demonstrate the skills above, contact Coast Personnel today.