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9 Technologies That Are Changing Warehouse Jobs

And 5 Ways Tech Is Reshaping Warehouse Work

As technology advances, the nature of warehouse jobs is shifting. Your job in logistics and distribution is becoming increasingly hi-tech, and you must keep your skills updated to remain on track in your career toward warehouse management and higher.

In its research on the subject of automation in warehousing, McKinsey says that many operations could be automated by 2030. This doesn’t mean that jobs will be destroyed, but you will need to upskill across the trending technologies that are reshaping warehouse operations.

In this article, we highlight the way in which technology is changing warehouse jobs.

1.    Voice Technology

This technology reacts to your voice (like so many digital technologies in the home). It makes it easier to select orders, assess inventory, and accept shipments.

2.    Mobile Devices

Barcode scanners, smart watches, and tablets are used to enter information into the central system. This makes stock inventory tracking easier, shows the physical location of warehouse stock, and increases efficiency in all processes.

3.    Automated Picking Tools

In high-volume warehouses, automated picking tools increase the speed at which orders can be processed and reduces human error.

4.    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Replacing traditional forklifts, automated vehicle technology is transforming warehouse operations. Digital pathways in warehouses must be maintained to ensure efficiency and safety.

5.    Internet of Things (IoT)

Implementing IoT helps warehouse operators increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve safety. Sensors can monitor and optimize elements such as temperature and moisture, and help to manage and maintain equipment, vehicles, and products. This technology helps to combat theft, forgery, and spoilage.

6.    Drones

Yes, drones are being used to move inventory around warehouses. This reduces the need to work at height – saving time and money, and improving safety.

7.    Cloud Technology

Storing data in the cloud is helping warehouse operations to improve their efficiency. Information can be accessed in real time from multiple locations. User-friendly interfaces enable all employees to use high-tech systems. Stock inventory is more dynamic, and this helps to reduce costs further.

8.    Electronic Data Exchange

This allows information to flow seamlessly between different computer systems. This type of technology is revolutionizing the skills needed for receiving and shipping jobs, and helping to streamline orders, transfers, and inventory control.

9.    Blockchain

Blockchain helps to make data accessible for all while keeping it highly secure. This technology is revolutionizing many industries. In the warehouse, self-executing contracts enable automated verification and payment.

5 Ways Technology Is Reshaping Warehouse Work

The way that you work in a warehouse is changing your tasks and duties in five distinct ways:

1.     Software Is Replacing Hardware

As hardware is replaced by software and cloud-connected computers, IT skills are increasingly valued. If you know how to operate, maintain, and safeguard cloud-based programs, you will be in demand. Yes, IT jobs are shifting away from the warehouse floor to office desks.

2.     Digital Has Replaced Paperwork

Handheld devices send data to centralized programs seamlessly, ensuring greater accuracy and real-time inventory tracking. You don’t need a pen now. You need highly-honed tech skills to manipulate and analyze data.

3.     Big Data Has Replaced Bookkeeping

Forget bookkeeping skills. Today, big data across the entire operation can be captured, collected, and collated automatically. There is no need for manual intervention in any stage this process. Thus, jobs are shifting towards analytical and interpretation of data to deliver more creative solutions.

4.     IoT Is Replacing the Human Effort

No more manually printing and applying labels for distribution, thanks to IoT systems that can do them for you. Many of the time-consuming, manual tasks associated with warehouse jobs are disappearing. Digital skills are needed today.

5.     Robotics Have Replaced Physical Distribution

Inside and outside the warehouse, distribution is being automated. Thanks to AGVs, drones, and many other robotic process, less physical work is needed.

In Your Search for Warehouse Jobs, Apply Big-Picture Thinking

Traditional Warehouse Jobs are now smart jobs because of the impact of technology. If you wish to secure a rewarding and sustainable job in a warehouse, you must stay on top of your tech game and build on your tech skills.

As a specialist staffing agency in the sector, Coast Personnel helps to place candidates in roles that are most appropriate to their skills level. Some warehouse jobs already require digital and IT skills. Many others are perfect for job seekers who wish to develop their skills as the industry continues to adopt new technologies.

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