7 Skills You Need for Warehouse Jobs

Develop the Top Skills for Warehouse Jobs to Get Hired Faster

Knowing what skills employers are looking for when they are hiring for warehouse jobs is important in helping you land the roles you desire most. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, warehouse jobs are more vital than ever. New job opportunities are appearing every day. For example, online retail giant Amazon recently opened 100,000 new roles across the US to support the increased demand for logistics and its services.

To make sure you rise above the competition for warehouse jobs, it is essential to understand what skills are in demand. You can then highlight these on your resume. Here are seven of these skills.

1. Good Physical Health

Warehouse jobs require physical activity, with the level varying from role to role. For example, pickers walk through warehouse isles all day, often collecting heavy items. It’s very physically demanding (you certainly won’t need to attend the gym after a day at work as a picker). If you are not in good physical condition this may be a struggle for you. If you are applying for warehouse jobs, it may be a good idea to build a fitness routine into your everyday schedule. This will help to ensure the physical nature of the job does not overwhelm you.

2. Communication

Communication is a skill needed in every job. You must work with colleagues, suppliers and your superiors. Whether it’s face-to-face, via email, or on the phone, you need to be able to demonstrate to a potential employer that you can communicate effectively.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork goes hand in hand with communication. Warehouse environments are often busy, with many members of the team relying on each other to ensure all the work gets done. Working as a team player is essential for warehouse roles.

4. Time Management

In a warehouse, you may be given multiple tasks to complete at once. The ability to prioritize your duties will be desirable to many employers. It will help assure them you will complete tasks for deadlines, that orders will go out on time, and their operations will keep running smoothly.

5. Understanding of Industry Terminology

Being acquainted with warehouse lingo can help demonstrate to employers that you will easily integrate into the team, pick up the responsibilities of the role, and are serious about having a warehouse job.
If you have never worked in a warehouse before, don’t worry. You can do some research and become familiar with some commonly used terms. This will impress a potential employer and demonstrate your commitment to landing a job in warehousing.

6. Computer Literacy/Technology Skills

Warehouses rely heavily on technology to help them keep track of stock and ensure orders are fulfilled correctly. Therefore, for even the most basic roles, warehouse employees are expected to have some computer and IT knowledge. You don’t need to be a computer wizard, but the ability to pick up new software quickly and having a working understanding of technology is an asset.
The more senior a role is in a warehouse, the more desirable these skills become. Technologies are constantly updating, and managers and decision-makers will be expected to upgrade their tech skills.

7. Accurate at Speed

Orders often have strict deadlines, so being able to work at a quick pace without compromising quality will show your value to a potential employer. Therefore, speed (and accuracy) is a vital and in-demand skill for warehouse jobs.

Beef up Your Skill sets for Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse jobs are on a growth tangent, and even after we have beaten COVID-19 this growth is likely to continue. There are a lot of great opportunities for new warehouse roles and warehouse supervisors across the country. To land the job you are looking for, you need to make yourself desirable to employers. Learning these in-demand warehouse skills will help your resume stand out and earn you an interview.
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