Get The Best Secretary To Accept Your Job Offer

Get Your Secretary To Say “Yes” + 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

After an exhaustive search, you’ve finally found the perfect candidate for your Secretary job, and want to make certain you hire them. You want to make them an offer they cannot refuse. Here are our top tips to make the offer that will be accepted and to avoid the pitfalls that could ensure any offer might be rejected.

Communicate with Keen Listening Skills

Candidates have different reasons for applying for secretary jobs. They have different abilities, ambitions and personalities. The key to uncover a candidate’s unique qualities is to focus on listening with intent during the interview process. Therefore, when you make a Secretary job offer you should know what is most important to them and construct the offer with these factors in mind. Emphasize the points that they have highlighted as important in your offer letter, and then demonstrate how your offer meets their ambitions.

Be Positive about Your Organization

Always be positive about your organization and the people who work in it. During the interview process, you will have discovered why the candidate has applied for the available role – ensure that you remind them of these in your offer letter. Remind them that your organization is as unique as they are and why they said they wanted to work there.

Create a Personalized Job Offer

With the knowledge you have gained about your candidate – what they desire most from their career, why they wish to leave their current role, and their personal values – create a personalized job offer that will resonate with them on every level. Show how working at your organization will help them achieve their professional goals, and how they could develop their administrative career with you.

A Strong Team Appeals

As the hiring employer, your responsibility is to demonstrate that your ideal secretary will thrive in your team. Most people are not motivated by money alone. If the financial offer you make is reasonable and fair, your appeal as an employer is critical. Happy employees who work in a team, in a progressive environment with management who are supportive of personal development for all, are strong influencing factors boosting the chances of a your ideal applicant signing for your secretary job offer.

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring for Secretary Jobs

As you progress candidates through the hiring process, here are three pitfalls to avoid that would otherwise virtually guarantee a negative response to a job offer.

Chaos in the Hiring Process

How you tackle recruitment for your Secretary jobs is the first impression of your company that a prospective employee receives. Your hiring methods paint a picture of what it would be like to work within your company. Candidates should receive clear and prompt communication after every stage of the recruitment process. Interviewers should be fully engaged with the candidate. Poor communication and nonchalant interviewers will leave candidates questioning your organization’s ability to provide a satisfying experience in the workplace.

Meet The Manager When Hiring

A major cause of workplace stress and high employee turnover is poor relationships with the manager. Therefore, it is important to test the relationship between secretary and manager before you hire. If the hiring process for Secretary jobs does not include meeting the manager, alarm bells should ring. What are you trying to hide? Is the manager difficult to get on with? Meeting the manager during the interview and recruitment process is crucial. Meeting the team to judge all-round fit is even better.

Avoid An Unwelcoming Culture

Secretarial and administration staff spend long hours at work. It is essential that they enjoy their working days. Evidence suggests that office workers would take a pay cut in return for higher job satisfaction. Researchers from Frontiers in Psychology who compiled the ‘Accepting Lower Salaries for Meaningful Work’ study found that people would accept a 32% pay cut to do meaningful work. A welcoming, trusting and progressive organizational culture could be the difference the best secretaries are looking for.

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