Temp-To-Perm Manufacturing Jobs – Pros and Cons

Should You Take a Temp-To-Perm Manufacturing Job? The landscape for manufacturing jobs has changed over the years. Changing demands from the consumer and the high cost of hiring have led to many manufacturers to hire temp-to-perm staff. It’s a cheaper option than offering a permanent contact immediately, and allows greater flexibility. With temp-to-perm jobs in […]

Strategies to Stand Out from Other Repair Technician Candidates

Tips to Work Smarter in Your Job Hunt It’s tough to secure an offer for repair technician jobs. With the current state of the economy, unemployment was over 8% at the beginning of September. You’re likely to be up against more candidates when looking for work. With so many candidates looking for work, it is […]

Standout Skills to Stand Out for Warehouse Jobs

The Skills Employers Seek in Warehouse Operatives If you are searching for warehouse jobs, then you may already think you have the skills you need for the role. But do you really know what employers are looking for to fill their warehouse jobs vacancies? With approximately 13.5 million Americans currently unemployed (August 2020), you certainly […]

Applying for Finance Jobs? 5 Tips to Deal with Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Fill Gaps with Bridges to New Finance Jobs Opportunities You’re updating your resume to prepare it for your search for finance jobs, but you freeze in panic. There are gaps on your resume. And they don’t look pretty. You know that unemployment rates are up in America. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the […]

Applying for Machine Operator Jobs? Here’s How to Follow Up After an Interview

The Right Way to Follow Up After a Machine Operator Job Interview Recently finished interviewing for your dream machine operator job? Maybe you think the interview was a slam dunk and it’s only a matter of time before the hiring manager calls you with a job offer. However, if you don’t hear back from them, […]

When You Apply for Shipping Jobs, Sell Your Potential Not Your Past

Selling Yourself to Potential Employers Looking for a new shipping job, but struggling with how to position yourself as the best candidate? With the average cost of a bad hire estimate to be at $15,000, hiring managers are looking for the very best candidate for their role – someone who will help their company grow. […]

9 Tips to Land the Best Paying Finance Jobs

Expert Job Search Advice You Must Not Ignore There is a lot to focus on when you are searching for the best paying finance jobs. People will give you a lot of advice – most of which is baloney. You’ll be told to stay at a job you hate for at least a year. Or […]

Shipping and Receiving Jobs – Resume Help 101: What Qualifications Should You Include on a Resume?

Choosing Relevant Qualifications for Your Shipping and Receiving Resume When applying for a shipping and receiving job, a top-notch resume is a must. It is the first impression you will make on the hiring manager and so must be professional. It is one of the most important factors in helping you land an interview. Having […]

If You Are Searching for Finance Jobs, Detox Your Social Media First

7 Tips to Boost Your Digital Presence Are you finding it difficult to land finance jobs? Do you get to the interview stage, think you’ve cracked it, and then get rejected? It could be that your social media profiles are acting as red flags to prospective employers. Here’s how to detox your social media so […]

Shipping and Receiving Jobs – Resume Help 101: 8 Tips to Help You Format an Excellent Resume

Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Shipping and Receiving Job The aim of your resume, when applying for shipping and receiving jobs, is to make sure the hiring manager knows you are the best person for the job. You’ll want to highlight your skills, and make sure your experience leaps off the page. […]