Warehouse Jobs Near Me – How to Follow up after an Interview

Tips to Improve Your Job Search

“I’ve been looking for new warehouse jobs near me, and getting interviews, but not landed anything yet.” If this is you, you know that with the current COVID-19 outbreak, securing a new warehouse job can be tough. With a forecast of 25% unemployment because of the effects of the lockdown, competition for jobseekers is increasing.  If you’re landing interviews for jobs, your skills and experience are clearly in demand. But if you are not landing the job at the interview, you need to learn what is going wrong at this stage. To help you, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to follow up after a warehouse jobs interview.

Ask for Next Steps BEFORE You Leave the Interview Room

So, you think you’ve aced your warehouse job interview. You are expecting to hear back that you have got the job. The first thing you will want to know is when you will get that news. Before you follow up, it’s good to know when an acceptable time is to do so. This will stop you from coming across as overly eager or annoying to a hiring manager who is strapped for time.

At the end of your warehouse job interview, ask the interviewer what the next steps are. Are they interviewing people all week? When will they decide? If you have been told you should hear back from them within the week and it reaches the following week with no word, then it is an acceptable time to follow up.

Ask to Connect on LinkedIn

You have the potential to have a long-term professional relationship with every interviewer you meet. During your interview it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the interviewer if you can connect on LinkedIn. If they say yes, then when you leave the interview connect with them promptly.

It is important that when asking to connect on LinkedIn, you don’t leave the interviewer questioning your motives. Try to find a logical and helpful reason to connect; for example, you want to send them a great article about warehouse automation that you think they would be interested in.

Check in Periodically

Don’t let things drag out before you check in with your interviewer. This does not mean harassing them every few days asking if you landed the warehouse job. Instead, you should check in after a while to ask if they have any feedback for you.  Check in with your LinkedIn contacts regularly. Congratulate them for gaining a promotion, or share an interesting article with them. You’ll be building a positive network and helping keep your name in their thoughts.

Crafting the Perfect Follow-Up Email for Warehouse Jobs

When following up after you attend warehouse job interviews, it’s important to do so in an appropriate way. The most common way you will find yourself following up after the interview is through email.  Here are some quick tips to help you craft a great follow-up email:
• Keep your email simple and straightforward
• Address them by name and send the email directly to the interviewer
• Explain that you are following up regarding your interview for a warehouse job
• Be specific about the date, time of the interview, your full name, the job position, etc.
• Let them know you are still interested in the position and would be excited to work for them
• Ask for an update on whether a decision has been made about hiring for the role
• Thank them for their time
• Check for spelling and grammar errors
• Sign off with your full name and contact information

If you have been turned down for a job after an interview, politely ask why. An employer doesn’t have to provide the answer, but many will. And it is this knowledge that will help you hone your job search and improve your interview technique.

Warehouse Job Interview Follow Up Tips

If you have recently attended some warehouse job interviews, don’t leave it up to chance whether you land the role or not. Competition for jobs is fierce. You want to ensure that you are kept in the loop on the hiring decision and push yourself to the forefront of the interviewers’ minds. Follow up after you attend any warehouse interviews, and if you are unsuccessful seek to learn why and improve your job search and interview technique.

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