When You Apply for Shipping Jobs, Sell Your Potential Not Your Past

Selling Yourself to Potential Employers

Looking for a new shipping job, but struggling with how to position yourself as the best candidate? With the average cost of a bad hire estimate to be at $15,000, hiring managers are looking for the very best candidate for their role – someone who will help their company grow.

Experience and qualifications are important for their shipping jobs. However, an employer will hire a candidate who can demonstrate that they will be a long-term asset for the company. When creating your resume and interviewing for a position, you need to be ready to sell your potential.

Why You Aren’t Getting the Shipping Job Offers You Deserve

Not knowing how to sell your potential is a big reason you may not be impressing hiring managers. However, there are some quick steps you can take to dramatically improve your resume and interview game.

People often find it difficult to talk or write about themselves and are overly modest when explaining their potential. But this could be costing you when it comes to trying to land a new shipping job.

You must get comfortable and confident in talking about your potential. Being overly humble does you no favors in a job hunt. You may have been raised to believe that talking about yourself is conceited or boastful. But in a job interview situation and on your resume, if you are unable to do this effectively, you may be passed up for less qualified candidates who have a better presentation.

What Hiring Managers Are Looking for in Candidates

Your ability to perform in your shipping job will be based on your potential to succeed. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who will be effective in the long run and an asset to their shipping and receiving company.

Because hiring managers are looking for those who can be of benefit to the long-term success of their company, there are some key things you need to demonstrate during your interview.

·      Potential to Succeed

Shipping and receiving is an ever-changing industry. Like many industries, it has been hugely affected by technology and modernization. Almost all skills become obsolete eventually and in shipping and receiving, as new technologies emerge, this can happen quickly.

To show you have the potential to succeed in a shipping job, you must demonstrate your ability to adapt, evolve, and predict changes. Proactively obtaining new skills will show potential employers that you have the learning mentality needed to work consistently through change.

·      Career Trajectory

Your trajectory is the progress that you have made in reaching your potential. Demonstrate that you have a clear career trajectory. Show how you will reach your full potential in this role, that you know what anchors are holding you back, and how you could build speed to achieve your goals in their company.

Showing that you have a clear vision for your future demonstrates self-awareness and motivation. These are key attributes for shipping jobs, and are a good indicator to the hiring manager of how you will perform in their vacant role.

To Sum Up

For hiring managers, employing a new person in a shipping job is about getting the one who not only fits the role today, but who can adapt to the role tomorrow.

Demonstrating how you have the potential to grow in a position and how you proactively obtain new skills, will put yourself ahead of other candidates who only talk about their experience. Showing that you have an outlook focused on the future is hugely desirable to hiring managers.

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