How To Get a Pay Raise in Warehouse Jobs in 2021


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Steps You Can Take to Get a Fatter Salary in Warehouse Jobs

Do you feel like you are worth more money than you are getting paid in your warehouse job? Then it’s time to make 2021 your year, and get the pay raise you deserve.

However, you need to be tactical in your approach to asking for a raise. According to SHRM, 35% of U.S. companies plan to reduce salary increases over the next 12 months. Therefore, it may be difficult to get the raise you want – but certainly not impossible.

In this article, we will cover the top tactics to employ when asking for a raise in warehouse jobs.

Reflect on Why You Deserve a Raise

You’re unlikely to convince your boss you should be given a raise if you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve it.

Think about the tasks you do that go beyond the regular call of duty. Ask yourself if you have taken on any new responsibilities over the past few months that could merit a higher salary.

It is always great if you can approach your boss with figures of your worth. Have you suggested improvements to operations that have saved time or money? See if you can work out an exact figure to present when asking for your salary increase.

Make sure that you note down all the positive comments you have received from your supervisors and your boss during one-to-one reviews. This will help when providing tangible evidence of the tremendous work you do – effort and ability that deserves to be rewarded.

Know Your Worth

What is the standard pay rate for someone with your experience in warehouse jobs in your area?

To learn how much you should be paid, do some research on jobs boards, in the local press, and with staffing agencies. This knowledge will give you the insight for how much you should be paid, and provide evidence that your boss should increase your salary.

Set a Meeting with Your Boss

The worst thing you can do is ambush your boss. Putting them on the spot will probably not get the result you are looking for. Instead, ask for a meeting. Suggest that you would like a performance review, and hint that you are looking to review your salary at this time too.

This will give your boss ample time to prepare and will ensure they are not taken by surprise when you ask for your raise.

Pick the Right Time

You don’t want to surprise your boss, nor do you want to ask at a bad time. Avoid first thing on a Monday morning or last thing on a Friday.

Think about the work you are doing in the warehouse, and if you are currently working to tight deadlines. If your boss has a full diary, perhaps meetings with senior management or customers, consider holding back for a few days.

Also, think about your firm’s current situation. Has your company been laying off staff because of the pandemic, or has it been holding steady or even employing more? Timing is everything. However, even if your employer has let people go, it does not mean you mustn’t ask for a raise. But you must be fully prepared with your evidence and approach the subject tactfully.

Decide What You Will Do If You Don’t Get the Raise You Are Hoping For

When asking for a raise, it’s important to prepare yourself for all outcomes. Your boss may say no.

If your request meets with a refusal, ask what actions you should take to warrant an increase in salary. Ask if there are other tasks that you could be doing to demonstrate your value, or other skills that you could onboard to develop into a warehouse manager.

If you feel you are truly undervalued at your company, a continued refusal of a pay rise may be the final straw. It’s probably time to start looking for another job.

To Sum Up

You won’t get a raise in warehouse jobs if you don’t ask. Don’t sit around and wait for your boss to notice all the hard work you are doing. If you think you deserve a raise:

  • Set a meeting with your boss, and tell them you wish to review your performance
  • Prepare for the meeting
  • Have all the information ready to show why you deserve a raise
  • Remember that timing is important
  • If you remain unhappy with the outcome, start looking for new, better paid warehouse jobs

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