How Will You Find New Warehouse Jobs in 2021?

The Warehousing Industry Is Fighting Its Corner – And So Should You

Looking for warehouse jobs may be on your list of New Year’s resolutions. But are you fearful of taking the leap? Are you treading so carefully into 2021, that you feel trapped in your current position? You saw the headlines back in April 2020, when ‘temporary’ unemployment peaked at 78%, and despite its recovery since then, you’ve felt frozen in your current job ever since.

It’s time you defrosted. In fact, all through the pandemic, the warehousing industry has remained very warm indeed.

Recovery across America is more than halfway back to pre-pandemic levels. Throughout the pandemic, the warehousing industry has come out winning, as the economy shifts in favor of delivery-related services.

If you’re:

then it’s time to get moving and land the best new warehouse job for you in 2021. It starts here.

1.    Choose the Right Job

Don’t make the mistake of heading online and applying for every warehouse job going in the hope that one will stick. It doesn’t work like that.

Not only are you less likely to land a job because of your clearly unfocused approach, but you’re also at risk of joining an employer that doesn’t suit you. If you don’t apply for jobs for the long term, you’ll often find yourself back in the jobhunting process, with a resume littered with red-flag employment failures.

2.    Smarten Your Resume

Let your resume do the talking and get you into the interview room. Make sure you:

  • Highlight your warehouse skills in your resume
  • Don’t use long sentences – keep it concise and try to use bullet points
  • Don’t use fancy fonts or images
  • Match your resume to each job description – look for what the job is asking of you, and make sure these words are in your list of skills and abilities
  • Briefly declare any employment gaps (such as redundancy) – they’re not bad things if they’re clear to the employer
  • Keep your resume updated
  • Only include information relevant to the warehouse job you’re applying for

Your resume is your weapon – make sure you use it!

3.    Be as Resilient as the Warehouse Industry

Searching for warehousing jobs can be tough, and you need to be ready mentally. Yes, you are likely to experience a few setbacks. There are many people out there who also want the job. How do you win this fight?

You stay resilient, and keep working strategically toward your goal. Ask for feedback after interviews to help you improve. It’s also definitely worth getting on board with a staffing agency – they’ll keep opportunities coming, which will keep you motivated.

4.    Get Networking

You know that feedback you just asked for? That was a touch of networking right there. The employer will approve of your determination and willingness to improve, and they’ll remember your name. You may just hear from them in the future.

Consider temp-to-perm jobs, which will get your foot in the door with employers and widen your job connections. Surround yourself with likeminded people online, too – you’ll learn from them, and it may provide potential opportunities.

5.    Stay Positive

Life is already challenging for us all. Though looking for warehouse jobs can be a challenge, you must prioritize your mental health:

  • Don’t let setbacks beat you down – stay focused on each step toward your goal and moving forward
  • Take a breather in between applications, and switch off
  • Surround yourself with supportive people who will help you

Stay positive. A healthier mind will help you shine with positivity in the interview room.

(Read our blog on interview advice for warehouse jobs for more reassurance.)

Summing Up: You’re Not Alone

Sitting at your laptop can feel like a lonely position to be in, up against others and fighting for approval. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are employers out there waiting for people just like you. And there is support along the way.

Get in touch with a staffing agency for support. With your resume submitted, a staffing agency will help find the best vacancies for you, and guide you with advice along the way to make sure you feel confident and present the best version of yourself, to the best warehousing jobs.

Get in touch with Coast Personnel today. We’re here, and ready to show you the way to an exciting future.