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What Is the Perfect Interview Technique for Manufacturing Jobs?

Strategies for a Successful Job Interview in the Manufacturing Sector Does interviewing for manufacturing jobs make you nervous? You’re not alone. Most candidates feel anxious about job interviews. When you’ve made it deep into the hiring process, you don’t want nerves to hurt your chances of landing the job. According to Zety, an open position […]

9 Tips to Make General Labor Jobs More Interesting

Dig Deep for Those Motivations Working general labor jobs is what you’re great at, but boredom is impacting your productivity and your wellbeing. Boredom at work is damaging, and has a strong association with some extremely negative outcomes, including: Poor performance Accidents and injuries Absenteeism Errors Stress (and related health problems) Increased risk-taking Depression A […]

Tips to Upskill and Advance Your Career in Manufacturing Jobs

Invest in Your Future and Prepare Could upskilling be the way to advance your career in manufacturing jobs? You know it’s going to take some effort and dedication. But what’s in it for you? And how do you go about it? A PwC Annual Manufacturing Trends report shows that 74% of manufacturers are considering changing […]

Temp-To-Perm Manufacturing Jobs – Pros and Cons

Should You Take a Temp-To-Perm Manufacturing Job? The landscape for manufacturing jobs has changed over the years. Changing demands from the consumer and the high cost of hiring have led to many manufacturers to hire temp-to-perm staff. It’s a cheaper option than offering a permanent contact immediately, and allows greater flexibility. With temp-to-perm jobs in […]

How to Land Manufacturing Jobs after COVID-19

Manufacturing jobs were decimated by the COVID-19 lockdown. Millions were laid off or furloughed. But it appears the bounce is now happening. The signs are that most manufacturing jobs will return faster than previously thought, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a huge increase in jobs in May and renewed confidence in the sector.  […]

The Skills Gap in Manufacturing Jobs: Are You Ideal For The Job?

Demonstrate Talent to Earn an Above-Average Salary There’s a growing skills gap in manufacturing jobs. This means there are some incredible opportunities for jobseekers in the sector. But what skills are employers searching for? Have you got the skill set that could make you the stand-out candidate for your ideal job in manufacturing? The Growing […]

New Manufacturing Job? 8 Ways to Earn Respect

Workplace Personas: Your Key To Success and Happiness New hires in manufacturing jobs face the same issue as new hires in all jobs. As the new kid on the block, you must earn the respect of your colleagues and bosses. No one really knows how good you are at your job, or if you can […]